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Fraunhofer-Verbund Mikroelektronik

The Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics, founded in 1996, is a service provider for R&D in the areas of microelectronics and smart systems integration. As part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe's largest organization for application-oriented research, it combines the expertise of 11 Fraunhofer institutes (plus five guest institutes) with a total of more than 3,000 employees.


The activities of the 16 member institutes and research institutions are coordinated by the business office in Berlin. This central coordination office forms the portal between the institutes on the one hand and science, business, and government on the other.


The employees of the business office of the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics are also responsible for the development and monitoring of a common strategy as well as for the cross-institutional public relations. 

                                       Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics - Mission


With a unique range of expertise not found elsewhere in the world, we bridge the gap between fundamental research and product development in the areas of

• microelectronics and nanoelectronics, including microsystem technologies and power

  electronics, as well as

• nanotechnologies, new materials, photonics, and advanced manufacturing technologies.


As the leading international research and development provider, we are working on solving social challenges such as aging society, urbanization, globalization, energy and resources, environment and climate, health, mobility, and living and working in the knowledge society.


We support our customers along the entire value chain: from the basic technologies to the end product.


We are contributing to shaping our future by bridging the gap between

• short-term, application-oriented and

• our longer-term strategic research

for small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies.



                                  Technology - Application - Society: Bridging the Gap


Professor Dr. Oliver Ambacher, Leiter des Fraunhofer-Instituts für Angewandte Festkörperphysik IAF, wurde auf den Innovation Days am 08. Dezember 2015 in Berlin mit dem Karl Heinz Beckurts-Preis geehrt. Damit würdigte die Beckurts-Stiftung seinen Beitrag zur Entwicklung hocheffizienter Leistungsverstärker aus dem Halbleiter...

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The high-level group within the European research initiative “EUREKA” has named “PENTA” (the Pan-Euro pean partnership in micro- and Nanoelectronic Technologies and Applications) the new instrument for the development of competitive microelectronic and nanoelectronic technologies, systems, and applications that are of decisive...

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The market in consumer electronics is  booming: around 60 mill. TV sets were sold  last year in Europe alone. Sooner or later  they will come back – as electronics waste.  The recycling industry has reacted: copper,  aluminum, iron and precious metals, as  well as certain plastics, are already been reused.  All the same, a lot...

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