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Glasses not required


Imagine you are strolling across Times Square in New York City when suddenly a young man steps out of a giant display and presents you the latest smartphone – holding it right under your nose. Four Fraunhofer Institutes – Fraunhofer ESK, Fraunhofer IPMS, Fraunhofer ISIT, and Fraunhofer IPM – want to make this vision of the future a reality. As part of the “3D Digital Outdoor Advertising” project, they are developing a threedimensional display for large picture formats that does not require the usual 3D glasses.


There are two challenges to displaying threedimensional content on large-area formats. First, very long viewing distances must be possible and second, the 3D effect must be experienced without glasses. The viewer ought to get a very clear image at long distances and when walking past; without 3D glasses, this is currently only possible at viewing distances of a few meters. That is why, as part of a three-year research project that started in March 2011, IPM scientists are developing a new optical concept based on an OLED microdisplay from Fraunhofer IPMS. The Fraunhofer ISIT researchers are working on photo-realistic playback of three-dimensional computer simulations.


The huge amount of data required for 3D viewing means that conventional technology is no longer sufficient. That is why Fraunhofer ESK is working on a concept that will allow the quantity of data involved to be transported and the retrieval and playback of the data via remote access to be planned. This means that before long, 3D advertising in public spaces will be perfectly placed to be viewable without glasses.



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