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23.04.2012 Category: Issue 46, Technology, Fraunhofer IIS, Short news

More than just pictures: the INCA intelligent camera system


The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS has developed a new camera system based on the OMAP™ 4 processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated. INCA (Intelligent Camera) forms the technical basis for a new generation of cameras developed especially for extreme conditions.


INCA works with the Android operating system and offers users options that go beyond mere image capture. In addition to live transmission in Full HD and real time compression of video material, the architecture of the INCA system provides new information about every picture taken. INCA uses integrated sensors to record metadata such as acceleration, direction, and temperature and analyzes the data to give users a better idea of their surroundings. Furthermore, INCA can be connected easily to external systems such as a chest strap to measure heart rates and is compatible with SHORE™ facial recognition software from Fraunhofer IIS, opening up completely new perspectives in image interaction.


With the OMAP™ 4 processor the system can run in an intelligent and energy-efficient way. The compressor’s compact size, modest power usage, and great capabilities are paving the way for the use of a very small (2 x 2 x 8 cm³) yet multifunctional camera.


The design of the camera opens up new perspectives, even in tough surroundings. INCA can withstand sand, dust, cold, and debris, for example when being used as a helmet camera by ski jumpers, mountain bikers, or in other extreme sports. Further information on the INCA platform can be found at



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