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Satellites to control asphalt machines


The majority of paved roads have an asphalt surface. But asphalting is a complex process: temperature, layer thickness, density, and evenness play a decisive role in ensuring quality later. The smallest faults in construction can soon lead to cracks, unevenness, and potholes. This means that road surfaces need to be repaired or replaced sooner than planned. As part of the “ASPHALT” (Advanced galileo navigation System for asPHALt fleeT machines) project, partners from research and industry have developed solutions to improve road surfaces and optimize processes. That should reduce road maintenance costs drastically in the future.

An important part of the project is the Galileo/ GPS/EGNOS receiver developed by Fraunhofer IIS. This localization technology allows asphalt machines to be localized and controlled with high precision. The multifrequency receiver from the Erlangen-based institute has many benefits:

the use of two frequencies reduces disturbances from the ionosphere. This allows the position of the asphalt machines to be determined more precisely. Combining GPS and Galileo also increases the availability of satellite signals. Exact control of the machines guarantees a consistent layer thickness and thus a more even road surface. The project partners also took a closer look at the processes and supply chains for asphalting, and were able to optimize them: all machines used are linked to one another and can exchange important parameters such as temperature, layer thickness, and density. End-to-end data capture allows thorough checking and logging of processes.

The “ASPHALT” project

The “ASPHALT” project partners are: MOBA Mobile Automation AG, Fraunhofer IIS, DKE Aerospace, Dynapac, TeleConsult Austria and in-Position. The project was completed at the beginning of May.



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