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Innovative nondestructive testing methods moving towards standardization

Robot-assisted thermography: exploiting existing savings potential for both testing times and costs. © Uwe Bellhäuser

Even the finest cracks, cavities, or inclusions in a material could mean costly hazards. Nondestructive materials tests can find these flaws, which are hidden to the naked eye. The Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing IZFP is currently preparing for the standardization of induction thermography. In the long term, the new type of nondestructive testing is intended to replace magnetic particle testing (MT). Compared to established processes for in-process nondestructive testing, induction thermography offers enormous progress and improvements. The new testing procedure is suitable, for example, for fully automatic pre-materials testing of metallic parts and components as well as for the evaluation of flaw depth. At the same time, it dispenses with the need to remove magnetic particle liquids or to clean surfaces afterwards. This alternative to MT is already being used in many areas of production. The new type of testing process is particularly attractive to SMEs: as suppliers, they can offer their customers better quality, shorter test times, and a reduction in costs. However, until now there have been no uniform guidelines and standards for across-the-board industrial use of new kinds of non-destructive testing methods such as induction thermography. That’s set to change: scientists at Fraunhofer IZFP have received funding to the tune of approximately €100,000 and have been given until the beginning of 2016 to work out approaches to standardizing new testing technologies.



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