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"Fraunhofer Microelectronics News"

Issue 54 (April 2014)

Including these articles:

  • From "FreshScanner" to "WoundScanner" (Fraunhofer IZM)
  • Sensors monitor cerebral pressure (Fraunhofer IMS)
  • "An open form factor makes a lot of new applications possible" (Fraunhofer EMFT)

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Issue 53 (February 2014)

Including these articles:

  • The water of life (Fraunhofer IAF)
  • Safer shipping with high-tech radar (Fraunhofer FHR)
  • Taking a close look, whatever the scale (Fraunhofer IIS)

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Issue 52 (October 2013)

Including these articles:

  • A revolution in running training (Fraunhofer IPMS)

  • Keeping inventory management under control (Fraunhofer IZM)

  • Test run for the hospital of the future (Fraunhofer IMS)

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