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Happy birthday, microelectronics

Microelectronics and Fraunhofer – from today’s perspective, that’s a symbiosis that goes without saying. There are hardly any Fraunhofer institutes with no microelectronics in their portfolio. Currently with eleven member...[more]


Efficient inductive charging for electric cars

Toothbrushes and cell phones can now be charged contactlessly using electromagnetic induction. Electric cars could follow soon. Fraunhofer researchers have developed a promising new approach to make this a reality: instead of...[more]


Plethora – the universal prototyping platform for distributed wireless systems

From localization to process automation – a lot of applications require distributed data entry and processing. Often, however, it is not possible to evaluate different approaches to solutions with different sensors and radio...[more]


Smooth communication, even without wires

Radio systems are a flexible and cost-effective solution for networking industrial systems. Wireless communication networks, however, are susceptible to faults if they are not installed optimally. A new measuring and diagnosis...[more]


Smart energy savings

Smart energy use – we hear more and more about it, but we often don’t know how we can save energy and use it as efficiently as possible. We don’t have to follow our grandmothers’ advice to go back to candlelight. One modern...[more]


The last word … comes from Shanshan Gu-Stoppel

Ms. Gu-Stoppel, what are you working on at the moment? I would call myself an MEMS device designer. For a few years, we at Fraunhofer ISIT have been working on different microsystems based on piezoelectric PZT thin layers. The...[more]


Quick aerial building inspection

Buildings, industrial facilities, and bridges need to withstand heavy loads and are subjected to wind and weather. Numerous post-war buildings are now showing signs of age-related damage. Expensive building inspections using...[more]

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