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Optimized design for nanosensors

Sensor systems at nano-scale and threedimensional chip structures are promising approaches to implementing new and improved functionalities in a range of products. Standard methods, however, are not entirely suitable for the...[more]


Ceramics extend the lifespan of high-performance LEDs

Microscopically viewed, ceramics consist of many small clay mineral crystals that are arranged in an orderly fashion next to each other. This makes the material an excellent heat conductor. Researchers at Fraunhofer IKTS in...[more]


Micropump to protect against blindness

Glaucoma is a widespread disease: around 7 % of the German population over 60 suffer from it. That makes the illness one of the main causes of blindness among older people. Today's treatments for eye diseases such as glaucoma or...[more]


Retinal scanner that fits in a purse

The retina lets us see. It also reveals who we are. The blood vessel pattern of the retina is a biometric feature that is different in each human being. Using special eye scanners, a person could give proof of identity...[more]


LED lamps: less energy, more light

LEDs are perfectly set to become the light source of the future. The tiny diodes offer a whole host of advantages: they are environmentally friendly, contain no harmful substances, consume less energy and – with a lifetime of...[more]


Tiny microchips that keep their cool

An enormous treasure slumbers in the depths of our planet. Temperatures of up to 7000 °C are thought to be present in the Earth’s core. At a depth of 4–6 km it is still 150 °C to over 200 °C. Conventional microelectronics hits...[more]


“SCube” – a more costeffective way of testing biological samples

Automated analysis of blood smears, cytological samples, or tissue sections requires complicated and expensive microscope systems. A uniform platform combining all components has so far been lacking. "SCube" is...[more]

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