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Getting the picture faster thanks to IR cameras

Whether as a driver assistance system in a car or used in thermography for buildings: uncooled infrared sensors, like those being developed by Fraunhofer researchers, offer a wide range of possible applications. A new prototype...[more]


Invisible hearing aids

Microsystems are at the heart of portable “body area networks” such as hearing aids and implants. Now Fraunhofer researchers are developing an extremely miniaturized and energy-saving wireless microsystem to make these medical...[more]


“An open form factor makes a lot of new applications possible”

Omnipresent, but almost invisible: that is how the future role of microelectronics in our everyday lives can be summed up. Flexible electronics is considered an “enabling technology” that will make this vision a reality. The VμE...[more]


Emmy for the “MPEG-2 Transport Stream standard”

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmy is a very prestigious award for excellence in television in America, and this year an Emmy Award in the Technology & Engineering category has been given to the...[more]


Sensors monitor cerebral pressure

If the pressure in a patient’s brain is too high, physicians implant a system in the head that regulates the pressure. A sensor is now able to measure and individually adjust brain pressure. The sensor system is approved to be...[more]


App analyzes the sound of coughing

Coughing is not always just coughing. The sound you make when you cough may give doctors their first clue as to how to treat it. On behalf of Boehringer Ingelheim, scientists at the Oldenburg-based Project Group Hearing, Speech...[more]


Close enough to touch the stars

It’s almost as if you were weightless. You can reach out and touch the Big Dipper and all around you is the glowing band of the Milky Way. In short, the perfect illusion – numerous projectors broadcasting a recreated version of...[more]

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