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“SCube” – a more costeffective way of testing biological samples

Automated analysis of blood smears, cytological samples, or tissue sections requires complicated and expensive microscope systems. A uniform platform combining all components has so far been lacking. "SCube" is...[more]


Sniffing out diamonds using X-ray technology

Diamonds are one of the world’s most valuable raw materials. But conventional methods can sometimes damage the precious stone when looking for it in volcanic rock. Researchers at the Development Center for X-Ray Technology EZRT,...[more]


Coming at it from the right angle

Rotation sensors can be used to determine the position of a rotating body relative to an axis. Fraunhofer researchers have developed a new type of sensor: it combines precise measurements with flexible handling and can be...[more]


SEMICON Europa 2014

As of October 2014, SEMICON Europa will take place alternately in Grenoble and Dresden each year - both locations are among the largest clusters for research and development of semiconductors. The aim is to increase worldwide...[more]

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Controlling green electricity more precisely with the ASTROSE® radio sensor network

The use of renewable energy places high demands on the power grid because of quick variations in energy flow and the sometimes short-term energy feed into the grid. Fraunhofer researchers, together with a consortium of companies...[more]


Flexible battery management for complex battery systems

Battery systems for high voltages comprise a large number of individual battery cells. In order to be able to use the maximum available battery capacity and guarantee safe operation, each individual cell must be monitored....[more]


“We haven’t yet reached the limit of what we can do with diamonds.”

Diamonds are very popular among researchers and developers – they are suitable for a range of uses thanks to their special properties. Fraunhofer Microelectronics spoke to Nicola Heidrich, group manager of “Diamond Technology”...[more]

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