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Solar-powered sensor network

Tiny solar cells that can be applied directly to a silicon chip may, in the future, supply wireless sensor networks with electricity – efficiently and reliably. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits...[more]


Live streaming enjoyment for multi-screen applications

From a TV show you‘ve missed to a recorded concert given by your favorite band: the Internet is a treasure trove of videos and multimedia content of all kinds. Usually these are intended for playback as a stream, i.e. they are...[more]


Software test in prototype vehicles

Modern vehicles are unthinkable without electronic and software components. Increasingly complex vehicle systems are being developed, and their complexity presents ever greater challenges with regard to the quality and efficiency...[more]


Acoustics with MEMS

Flow meters, quality control, medical imaging – the uses of ultrasound are many and varied. Fraunhofer IPMS has now developed a new MEMS technology for making CMUTs that has the potential of increasing the range of uses of...[more]


Vienna artist “takes photos” with sensor dyes

They seem like ghostly beings, inhabitants of a demimonde, yet they also have a certain intimate quality. The images in the SWEAT series by the Vienna artist Reiner Riedler are shrouded in a veil of secrecy.   That‘s no...[more]


A journey to the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan is a country full of contrasts: modern lifestyle meets traditional, hierarchical structures – in short, a fascinating culture. The Fraunhofer Representative Office Japan in Tokyo seeks to strengthen cooperation between...[more]


IMTC Leadership Award

In recognition of his substantial contributions to international video coding standards, Prof. Thomas Wiegand, head of the Image Processing department at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI, has been honored with the...[more]

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