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95 % less lubricant

The less lubricant used in manufacturing, the better it is for the environment, for production costs, and not least for occupational safety as well. The trend is therefore towards micro-lubrication. Up to now, metering system...[more]


Gallium nitride voltage converters achieve efficiency level of 98 %

In order to increase the efficiency of voltage converters and minimize heat losses, researchers at the Fraunhofer IAF have been developing transistors based on the semiconductor gallium nitride. These devices are characterized by...[more]


Simulations to enable novel lithographic patterning techniques

European Research Consortium to Develop Simulation Tools, Materials and Processes to Enable Further Miniaturization of Nano-electronics[more]


Microtechnology saves jet fuel

Back in 1974, Reinhard Mey gave shape to the dream of flying with his lyrics “Above the clouds... freedom must be infinite.” Today, airplanes and flight are part of the fabric of our lives. Aviation enables us to quickly fly to...[more]


Free-flowing traffic on the information highway

Our communication networks have to handle ever greater amounts of data, and are often pushed to the limits of their capacity. Fraunhofer researchers developed what is currently the world’s fastest arbitrary waveform generator...[more]


Recommendations for maintaining Germany as a strong location to do research

Increasing international competition, demographic change, and pressure on public budgets due to the financial and economic crisis: Germany today is faced with great economic and social challenges. That makes it all the more...[more]


Safer shipping with high-tech radar

Traffic is building not only on our roads, but also in sea lanes. A new ship radar with improved antenna technology will fulfill the increased requirements of navigation while also protecting against pirate attacks. For this...[more]

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