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Diamond crystals from plasma reactors

Diamonds are highly sought after as jewelry and as a form of capital investment. But synthetic diamond crystals are also of interest to many industrial sectors. These crystals’ unique properties make them a suitable material for...[more]


Making light work of positioning in orbit

When it comes to launching a rocket, every gram costs money. This means that gyroscopes – sensors that determine the position of satellites in orbit – must be light as well. The model developed by Fraunhofer IZM and Astro- und...[more]


Health check for machines and plants

Indicator lamps on a car dashboard warn the driver about technical difficulties in order to avoid a breakdown. The state of industrial machinery and systems, on the other hand, is not as easy to monitor permanently. In order to...[more]


Getting the picture faster thanks to IR cameras

Whether as a driver assistance system in a car or used in thermography for buildings: uncooled infrared sensors, like those being developed by Fraunhofer researchers, offer a wide range of possible applications. A new prototype...[more]


Invisible hearing aids

Microsystems are at the heart of portable “body area networks” such as hearing aids and implants. Now Fraunhofer researchers are developing an extremely miniaturized and energy-saving wireless microsystem to make these medical...[more]


“An open form factor makes a lot of new applications possible”

Omnipresent, but almost invisible: that is how the future role of microelectronics in our everyday lives can be summed up. Flexible electronics is considered an “enabling technology” that will make this vision a reality. The VμE...[more]


Emmy for the “MPEG-2 Transport Stream standard”

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmy is a very prestigious award for excellence in television in America, and this year an Emmy Award in the Technology & Engineering category has been given to the...[more]

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