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Food chain management: maintaining the joy of eating

Safe and high-quality food is becoming more and more important to consumers, making it an existential factor in competition among manufacturers and retailers. Existing analysis technology, however, is not in widespread use. The...[more]


Optimum trim – smart sails for regatta crews and yachtsmen

There’s no magic to achieving speed when sailing; it’s simply a matter of combining the wind and the sails in just the right way. To allow yachtsmen to glide through the water even faster, the Fraunhofer Heinrich- Hertz-Institut...[more]


“Personal contacts can open doors in Brussels.”

For ten years, Dr. Anton Sauer was on hand to provide advice and help to the Group for Microelectronics as a consultant on European cooperation. Among other achievements, he helped to arrange the contracts with CSEM and Leti that...[more]


Fraunhofer CNT Signs Joint Development Framework Agreement with Major Equipment Supplier

Fraunhofer CNT today announced the signing of a Joint Development Agreement with ASM International N.V. (ASM). The agreement provides a framework within which a variety of new projects will be executed over the course of the...[more]


In a new light

The sun is setting on conventional light bulbs. As of 2012, they will be replaced across the European Union by energy-efficient bulbs such as LEDs. Up to 20 % of the energy needed for lighting in Germany could be saved today if...[more]


Quick test for Chagas disease

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the infectious disease Chagas is one of the top 20 “neglected” illnesses. About 10 million people suffer from it, most of them in Latin America. The disease is transmitted by...[more]


Data from an LED ceiling light

Commercially available light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can do more than just generate light. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI have succeeded in transmitting broadband data streams within visible light via...[more]