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Carved from quality wood

The range of organic products on supermarket shelves is growing. Our nights are illuminated by energy-saving light bulbs. And the cars of the future will put considerably fewer emissions into the air. Environmental protection and...[more]


INC8: 8th International Nanotechnology Conference in Japan

On the occasion of the 8th International Nanotechnology Conference on Communication and Cooperation (INC8), around 20 of the world’s leading movers and shakers of the nanoelectronic and nanotechnology scene from Europe, Japan,...[more]


Modular-based assistance technologies

Thanks to little electronic helpers, older people today can lead independent lives for longer and be safe in their homes. As part of the “SELBST” project, researchers at Fraunhofer IZM and ESYS GmbH have developed an electronic...[more]


Accurate measuring of masks for nanoelectronics

Photomasks are key elements in chip production. The mask structures are affixed to wafers in a photo-lithographic process. At mask level, line-edge roughness (LER) and uniformity of the distances between line structures are...[more]


Researchers uncover proof of surveillance in a Stasi prison

Archaeological investigations in a former East German State Security Service (Stasi) prison in the town of Bautzen have confirmed a long-held suspicion: Political prisoners were systematically bugged by the Stasi....[more]


Flying 3D eye-bots

Whether as additional surveillance resources during major events, or as high-resolution 3D street-imaging systems, intelligent swarms of aerial drones are a universal tool for police, crisis managers, and urban planners. Special...[more]


Glasses not required

Imagine you are strolling across Times Square in New York City when suddenly a young man steps out of a giant display and presents you the latest smartphone – holding it right under your nose. Four Fraunhofer Institutes –...[more]