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Crash sensor increases warehouse safety

Shelves in warehouses have to be able to withstand some punishment. They are frequently hit by forklift trucks when the staff have to maneuver goods through the narrow aisles quickly. For this reason, their stability needs to be...[more]


Focusing on both humans and machines

Humans and robots are usually a good team on the production line. But care should be taken with this cooperation. Even small instances of carelessness can disrupt production processes and, in the worst case, lead to serious...[more]


Health check for fish

Fish is a healthy foodstuff, but the fish themselves need to be healthy too. They grow particularly fast in the controlled breeding environments of fish farms. To ensure that they develop well, wireless miniature sensors...[more]


A camera the size of a grain of salt

Microcameras are used in endoscopy to give doctors detailed views inside the human body. Thanks to a new manufacturing process from Fraunhofer IZM, these microcameras are now even tinier and can be produced at a very low cost.[more]


Detecting bowel cancer early

Bowel cancer is the second-most common type of fatal cancer in Germany and the entire Western world. The chances of treating it successfully, however, are between 90 and 100 %, as long as the malignant tissue changes are detected...[more]


European space patrol

Space debris threatens to damage or even destroy active satellites and spacecraft. A new European space surveillance system will in future protect such equipment from danger when in orbit. Researchers at the Fraunhofer FHR are...[more]


Controlling the smart grid by cell phone

The use of renewable energy sources will mean that electricity production in future will be decentralized, needing intelligent power grids – or Smart Grids, as they are known. The Fraunhofer Institute for Communication Systems...[more]