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New epitaxy system promises improved lasers to protect aircraft

When helicopters or airplanes are threatened by approaching missiles, there is only a very narrow time frame in which to react to the attack. Modern missile defense systems use infrared lasers for this detection. That is because...[more]


X-ray films in 4D

Ultra-fast computer tomography can now be used to take and analyze three-dimensional shots of a workpiece or integrated circuitry within just a few seconds. This could make it possible to link work steps in the areas of...[more]


Taking a close look, whatever the scale

They can scan entire shipping containers just as easily as tiny biological samples: at the Development Center for X-Ray Technology, Fraunhofer researchers are working with both the largest and the smallest CT scanner in the world.[more]


95 % less lubricant

The less lubricant used in manufacturing, the better it is for the environment, for production costs, and not least for occupational safety as well. The trend is therefore towards micro-lubrication. Up to now, metering system...[more]