Energy Efficient Systems

For a sustainable and yet affordable energy supply, it is essential to use available resources more economically, to increase energy efficiency, and to reduce the cost of generating and using renewable energies. The focus of the “Energy Efficient Systems” business area is on the development of electronics for efficient energy conversion and energy management.

Particularly in the case of mobile applications, constantly increased power and energy densities are required while design sizes and weight must be reduced. The energy supply is relevant to all areas of application as a subsystem. It affects issues such as the smart grid and energy harvesting, power electronics, energy storage, and energy management.

Application Examples


Wake-up generators for energy efficient sensor systems

Fraunhofer ENAS develops a power management concept which helps to extend the operating duration of autonomous sensor systems at least ten times. 


Optical communications for more efficient data centers

  • Using optical interconnections
  • from rack-to-rack
  • between boards
  • on chip level

will cut energy consumption by at least 50 percent, while simultaneously doubling the capacity of data connections to 2 Tb/s.


Power electronics for vehicles

EIMo – a fully electronic motorcross motorcycle

The transmission, the battery modules, the cable harness, and much more were developed at Fraunhofer IISB in Erlangen.


Intelligent Grids

The ASTROSE monitoring system is based on the local monitoring of the power line. For this purpose, a sensor node is installed in each grid section and monitors the relevant parameters in that section.


Wireless power and data transfer in systems with fast-moving parts

The reliable transfer of power in moving systems or harsh environments is required for a wide range of applications, such as in wind energy, Industry 4.0, healthcare, agriculture, or chemical industry.


Reliable power modules with copper ribbon bonding technology


One of the world‘s tiniest inverters

Very fast switching speeds are possible using gallium nitride semiconductors with a reverse voltage of 650 V.


Modular & wheel-hub Integrated SiC inverter for commercial vehicles

An SiC inverter for a smart, compact, modular, and durable in-wheel drive unit was developed at Fraunhofer IISB. The inverter provides easy servicing of the complete powerstage due to a plug-and- play interface, good manufacturabilty, and flexibility. This helps to increase the availability of hybrid and electric vehicles, which is essential for commercial use.