Technology platform for wireless networking solutions on the hardware and software levels

RF and Communication Technologies

Information and communication technologies are changing our society significantly in many areas of life and work. As the largest innovation engine in Germany, key technologies of this kind form the basis for new products, processes, and services. Embedded systems comprising hardware and software components are, for example, decisive when it comes to the successes of the strong European sectors of automobile construction and mechanical engineering, energy technology, medical engineering, and safety and security technology.

The networking of the member institutes of the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics covers both hardware and software aspects. With the cross-institute technology platform "RF and Communication Technologies" for wireless network solutions, the Group for Microelectronics is pursuing the aim of countering today's heavy, sometimes even extreme, dependency on external suppliers. The shared thematic focuses cover:

Algorithms for broadband communication (physical layer)

Broadband communication (upper protocol layers)

Localization and navigation

Digital broadcasting

Adaptive and cognitive transmission technologies

Radar systems

Microelectronically realized components (e.g. AD/DA, RF, power amps)

Broadband signal processing

Media technologies

Networking of embedded systems (fields of application: automotive, industry)

Satellite Communication

At the same time, a range of development aims for highly specialized niche markets are being pursued:

Cross-layer real-time-capable test beds for LTE applications

Application-specific extension to the LTE standard (machine type comms)

Special telemetry (point-to-point/network, long-range, low-power, high data rate)

Special telemetry (long-range, low-power system solutions for communication in special application fields (Smart Grid, Car2X))

Platforms for high-rate signal processing

Broadband networking of embedded systems (including automotive Ethernet/IP)

SDR-based cognitive radio demonstrators