Individually adjusted sensor solutions from a single provider – from design to the finished system, including reliability monitoring and additional accompanying services

Sensors and Sensor Systems

It's impossible to imagine life today without sensors to determine measured data. Sensors are often directly linked to increasingly sophisticated data processing systems as well as wireless data transmission. These types of sensor systems form the backbone of modern concepts such as home automation, medical engineering, and industrial process monitoring. The demands being placed on them, however, are becoming ever more varied. The normal development path - prototype construction, troubleshooting, and optimization – is often not sufficient to deal with this level of complexity.

The member institutes of the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics bundle all the technologies needed for the development of reliable, robust, energy-efficient, yet cost-effective sensor systems in the "Sensors and Sensor Systems" core competence:

Micro- and nano-sensors, CMOS-compatible sensor processes

MEMS and NEMS technologies, add-on technologies, system integration (including 3D)

Transmission systems, RF technologies

System and application design

Systems, signal processing, sensor data fusion

This basis allows us to offer our customers tailor-made sensor solutions from a single provider – from design to the finished system, reliability monitoring, and accompanying services.


Automotive and transport // mechanical and plant engineering // materials testing // medicine and health // environment and process monitoring // safety and security

Sensor principles

Electrochemical sensors // inductive sensors // capacitive sensors // optoelectronic sensors // resistive sensors // radar and terahertz sensors


Automotive & Transport // Mechanical and Plant Engineering  // Materials Testing // Medicine & Health // Environment & Process Monitoring // Safety & Security

Measuring Principles

Electrochemical Sensors // Inductive Sensors // Capacitive Sensors // Optoelectronic Sensors // Resistive Sensors // Radar & Terahertz Sensors

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