Reliable, robust, energy-efficient, and cost-effective sensor systems in


Automotive & Transport

Driver assistance systems in automobiles, infotainment while driving, or energy-efficient systems: microelectronic sensors give us user-friendly and safe modes of transport.


Mechanical & Plant Engineering

Flexible sensor systems allow automation and monitoring of complex processes within industrial production.


Materials Testing

High-precision X-ray, ultrasound, or eddy current sensors can be used to test, measure, and improve on materials without destroying them.


Medicine & Health

Microelectronic sensor networks help to simplify work within the health system.


Environment & Process Monitoring

Microelectronic sensors help us to make important figures and hazardous substances in our environment visible, such as with ozone and pH measurements of our air and soil.


Safety & Security

Microelectronic sensors make an important contribution to our safety. They allow, for example, explosives to be detected without risk and help us to avoid accidents.