Automotive & Transport

Our modes of transport need to be safe and user friendly: high-precision navigation systems, efficient drive technology, and reliable systems would all be impossible without the aid of microelectronics. Microelectronic sensors and sensor systems allow modes of transport to communicate with one another or with base stations. This means, for example, that traffic jams or hazard spots can be detected in good time and avoided.

Data sheets


Harvesters Joining The Internet Of Things


HALLINMOTION - 6D Position Measurement


Plasmonic Color Sensors For LED Monitoring


CMOS Image Sensors And Camera Systems


Intelligent 3D Magnetic Field Sensor Technology


HALLINONE Magnetic Line Scan Camera


HallinSight 3D Magnetic Field Camera


HALLINONE FH5401: Dual Integrated 3D Magnetic Field Sensor


Integrated Capacitive Measurement Solutions


S-net - Wireless Sensor Networks


S-net - Wireless Sensor Networks Protocol Stack


Integrated Circuits And Systems - ICS


Nanostructured Colour And Polarisation Sensors


High Temperature Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Devices


Self-Learning Condition Monitoring


Optical Activity Detection Of People


New Uncooled Long-Wave Infrared Detector




Sensor Transponder For Pressure And Temperature


Sensor Transponder Evaluation Kit


UHF Passive Pressure & Temperature Monitoring


CMOS Spads For Lidar Applications


High Temperature Capacitive Pressure Sensor


Lateral Drift-Field Photodetector For TOF-Imaging


SPAD Performance


TOF Image Sensors


Wireless Temperature Monitoring System


CMOS Image Sensors


Intelligent Acoustic Sensor Nodes


Microphone Arrays


New Uncooled Long-Wave Infrared Detector


LiDAR Camera OWL