Materials Testing

Microelectronic sensors guarantee precise, high-definition, and non-destructive testing of materials. For the safety and trouble-free functionality particularly of large objects such as wind farms or airplanes, the reliability and measuring accuracy of materials testing are hugely important.

Data sheets


HALLINMOTION – 6D Position Measurement


Intelligent 3D Magnetic Field Sensor Technology


HALLINONE Magnetic Line Scan Camera


HallinSight 3D Magnetic Field Camera


HALLINONE FH5401: Dual Integrated 3D Magnetic Field Sensor


Integrated Circuits And Systems - ICS


Nanostructured Colour And Polarisation Sensors


Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers (CMUT)


Miniaturized MEMS Grating Spectrometer


High Temperature Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor devices


Ion-Sensitive Ta2O5 Field-Effect Transistor (ISFET) pHH3 Module


Active Silicon SSP865 Photodiode Technology


3D Fiber Optical Shape And Motion Sensing


Fiber Optical Sensor Technology


High Power Pulsed Terahertz Emitter And Receiver Modules


Passive Sensor For Corrosion Detection


New Uncooled Long-Wave Infrared Detector




CMOS Linear Sensor For Spectroscopy Applications


Evaluation Kit For Linear Spectroscopy Sensors


CMOS Spads For Lidar Applications


High Temperature 250°C Inductive Proximity Sensor


Lateral Drift-Field Photodetector For TOF-Imaging


SPAD Performance


SPAD-Based Sensors For Spectroscopy Applications


TOF Image Sensors


UV-Enhanced High Frame Rate CMOS Image Sensor


CMOS Image Sensors


Intelligent Acoustic Sensor Nodes


Microphone Arrays