Safety and Security

Whether you are dealing with security management for hardware and software, identifying persons, or detecting hazardous substances, modern microelectronics makes a decisive contribution to the optimization of safety and security systems. They ensure secure and stable data transmission and provide protection against external attempts to tamper with systems – including in the event of a disaster.

Data sheets


Sensor Textiles For Improved Safety


Integrated Circuits And Systems - ICS


Miniaturized MEMS Grating Spectrometer


Ion-Sensitive Ta2O5 Field-Effect Transistor (ISFET) pHH3 Module


Active Silicon SSP865 Photodiode Technology


Photoacoustic Detection Of Atmospheric Gases Using Micro Tuning Forks


Fiber Coupled Microsensors For Trace Gas Sensing


Passive Sensor For Corrosion Detection


New Uncooled Long-Wave Infrared Detector




Homeguardian - Energy-Self-Sufficient-Sensors


Crash Sensor For More Safety In Warehouses


Evaluation Kit For Linear Spectroscopy Sensors


Sensor Transponder For Pressure And Temperature


Sensor Transponder Evaluation Kit


UHF Passive Pressure & Temperature Monitoring


CMOS Spads For Lidar Applications


SPAD Performance


TOF Image Sensors


CMOS Image Sensors


Intelligent Acoustic Sensor Nodes


Microphone Arrays


Detectors For Ultraviolet Light


External Cavity Quantum Cascade Lasers


Infrared Detectors For Quality Control


Electrochemical Diamond Multi-Sensor


Infrared Detectors For Alerting Sensor Nodes