Optoelectronic Sensors

Optoelectronic sensors convert light of various wavelengths into an electrical signal. The light thus releases electrons from a semiconductor or metal surface, and, if there is an external electric field, the free charge carriers thus generated result in a photometric current proportional to the intensity of the light. 

Data sheets


Sensor Textiles For Improved Safety


Highly Sensitive Radiation Detectors For Medical Applications


Plasmonic Color Sensors For LED Monitoring And Colorimetry


CMOS Image Sensors And Camera Systems


Nanostructured Colour And Polarisation Sensors In CMOS-Technology


Miniaturized MEMS Grating Spectrometer


Active Silicon SSP865 Photodiode Technology


3D Fiber Optical Shape And Motion Sensing


Optical Activity Detection Of People In Natural Environments


Photoacoustic Detection Of Atmospheric Gases Using Micro Tuning Forks


Fiber Coupled Microsensors For Trace Gas Sensing


Optical Multi-Sensor


Fiber Optical Sensor Technology


New Uncooled Long-Wave Infrared Detector




CMOS Linear Sensor For Spectroscopy Applications


Evaluation Kit For Linear Spectroscopy Sensors


CMOS Spads For Lidar Applications


Lateral Drift-Field Photodetector For TOF-Imaging


SPAD-Based Sensors For Spectroscopy Applications


UV-Enhanced High Frame Rate CMOS Image Sensor


CMOS Image Sensors


Detectors For Ultraviolet Light


External Cavity Quantum Cascade Lasers


Infrared Detectors For Quality Control


Electrochemical Diamond Multi-Sensor


Infrared Detectors For Alerting Sensor Nodes