Overview Data Sheets



Awair: Monitoring Wireless Network Quality


Active Silicon SSP865 Photodiode Technology


Business Field Micromachined Pressure Sensor Technology


Cabinet Monitoring System


Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers


CMOS Linear Sensor For Spectroscopy Applications


CMOS Image Sensors And Camera Systems


CMOS Image Sensors


CMOS Spads For Lidar Applications


Crash Sensor For More Safety In Warehouses


Dual Analysis for Wireless Automation Applications


Detectors For Ultraviolet Light




Electrochemical Transducer


Evaluation Kit For Linear Spectroscopy Sensors


Electrochemical Diamond Multi-Sensor


External Cavity Quantum Cascade Lasers


3D Fiber Optical Shape And Motion Sensing


Fiber Optical Sensor Technology


Fiber Coupled Microsensors For Trace Gas Sensing


Harvesters Joining The Internet Of Things


HALLINMOTION - 6D Position Measurement


HALLINONE Magnetic Line Scan Camera


High Temperature Capacitive Pressure Sensor


Highly Sensitive Radiation Detectors


Hallinsight – Vectorial Magnetic Field Imaging


HALLINONE FH5401: Dual Integrated 3D Magnetic Field Sensor


High Temperature Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Devices


High Power Pulsed Terahertz Emitter and Receiver Modules


High Temperature 250°C Inductive Proximity Sensor


Homeguardian - Energy-Self-Sufficient-Sensors


Integrated Capacitive Measurement Solutions


Intelligent 3D Magnetic Field Sensor Technology


Integrated Circuits And Systems - ICS


Implantable Sensor To Measure Liquor Pressure


Integrated Capacitive Pressure Sensors


Infrared Detectors For Alerting Sensors


Infrared Detectors For Quality Control


Intelligent Acoustic Sensor Nodes


Low Current WakeUp-Receiver


Long-Range Passive Sensor Transponders


Lateral Drift-Field Photodetector For TOF-Imaging


Miniaturized MEMS Grating Spectrometer


Microsystems Based On Nano Diamond


Nanostructured Colour And Polarisation Sensors


New Uncooled Long-Wave Infrared Detector


Optical Activity Detection Of People


Optical Multi-Sensor


Pressure Sensor Systems


Plasmonic Color Sensors For LED Monitoring


Photoacoustic Detection Of Atmospheric Gases Using Micro Tuning Forks


Passive Sensor For Corrosion Detection


Reliable Adaptive Wireless Communication


S-net - Wireless Sensor Networks


S-net - Wireless Sensor Networks Protocol Stack


Self-Learning Condition Monitoring


Sensor Transponder Evaluation Kit


Sensor Transponder For Pressure And Temperature


SPAD-Based Sensors For Spectroscopy Applications


Sensor Textiles For Improved Safety


Self-Sustaining Wireless Sensor System


UV-Enhanced High Frame Rate CMOS Image Sensor


Universal Sensor for Allergens and Biomarkers


UHF Passive Pressure & Temperature Monitoring


Wireless Process Monitoring And Control


Wireless Temperature Monitoring System