Microelectronics vs. Corona

Experts from the institutes of the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics are helping to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Here you can find an overview of the initiatives.

Solutions and actions to deal with the Corona crisis

Action program "Fraunhofer vs. Corona"

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on day-to-day life, on people’s health, on businesses, on the domestic economy and on global trade. The current situation and the dynamic developments throughout Germany and across the world are posing major challenges for people. Working at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic, Fraunhofer experts are supporting the efforts of industry and society to cope with the immediate effects and the consequences to come. 

Solutions from the microelectronics institutes

Here you will find an overview of the projects and competencies of the institutes of the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics to overcome the corona crisis. The information is continuously updated.


Fraunhofer ENAS, ISIT, EMFT, IME und IBMT

Project »CovMoTe«

In the Fraunhofer joint project "CovMoTe", a combined test system for sustained acceleration of SARS-CoV-2 virus detection and existing immunity will be developed.


Fraunhofer IIS

Fraunhofer assists with the development of the Coronavirus Warning App


Proximity tracing and the coronavirus pandemic

Fraunhofer’s proposal for a German approach


Fraunhofer IIS, IST and ITEM

Filter4Flow: Intelligent viral filter for SARS-CoV-2 patients


Fraunhofer IZM

Certainty in just 15 minutes:

Researchers develop a graphene oxide-based rapid test to detect infections


Fraunhofer IZM

Corona rapid test in under 2.5 hours

Fraunhofer IPMS

Fast help for the University Hospital Dresden


Fraunhofer IPMS

Manufacturing urgently needed parts using 3D printing technology

Frauunhofer IIS


Give a Breath Challenge

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In the face of the current crisis caused by the novel coronavirus, Munich Re and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft initiate a challenge for the purpose of pooling the most capable minds in order to alleviate the consequences for those heavily affected all around the globe.

That’s why Munich Re and Fraunhofer decided to initiate a global call for ideas to identify designs for emergency ventilators and necessary equipment, to decentrally treat COVID-19 patients in times of crisis.

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