Technology: From CMOS to Smart Systems

Our business area “Technology: From CMOS to Smart Systems” focuses on the development of reliable, robust, energy-efficient, and yet cost-effective miniaturization technologies for microelectronics and microsystem technologies.

Our range of expertise spans from classic CMOS and MEMS technologies to integration technologies for smart systems.

As a service provider for technologies, we can support our costumers in realizing ground-breaking product ideas, can develop new technologies, and can manufacture prototype. We also have the necessary expertise to provide small-series production if there are special requirements.

Examples of Technologies


»Modular Technology« for Mid-sized Providers of Electronic Solutions

Increasingly often, electronic applications have to be very powerful, highly integrated as well as smart and at the same time tailored to the specific requirements. Small and medium-sized enterprises often do not have the resources to develop them.

Against this background, four Fraunhofer institutes, together with a foundry, are developing a new sensor platform.



High Temperature Electronics

Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) CMOS technologies available at Fraunhofer IMS enable the realization of integrated circuits for the application within a temperature range of up to 300 °C.


Chip-in-Foil package

In the “Thin Chip Foil Package” process of the Fraunhofer EMFT ultra-thin dies are placed and embedded in a cavity of a multi-layer film laminate. Thereby the fragile IC is securely embedded in the center layer of a flexible film package.



The capacity to handle micro volumes perfectly suits micropumps for the formulation of biopharmaceutical proteins, protein engineering and drug screening found within life science. In addition, micropumps are highly relevant in the point-of-care field.

Fraunhofer IPMS is developing customer-specific solutions for silicon-based components to be used in microfluidics as well as the handling of gases and liquids.



Color and Multispectral Sensors

The sensors detect the spectrum of incident light using twelve spectral channels and can be used for smart lighting applications and spectral analysis.



3D Integration: Kupfer-basierte TSV-Technologie für MEMS

Fraunhofer ENAS entwickelt 3D-Wafer Level Packages (3D-WLP) für MEMS zur Integration in miniaturisierte Systeme. Die genutzte Technologie basiert auf Silizium-Durchkontaktierungen (TSVs).



Full-Ceramic Hermetical LEDs and LED Modules

Robust high-performance LEDs for challenging operating conditions in harsh environments

Luminescent ceramics for white and color conversion LEDs with a thermal conductivity that is 30 times higher and high chemical, mechanical and thermal stability

Lighting in hot, humid or chemically contaminated environment as e.g. road tunnels or in animal farming


Flawless micro- electronics design for accurate oscillators

As part of the EU project “Go4Time” Fraunhofer IZM is developing individually programmable timing modules to control oscillators.