Information and Communication

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are required to make hardware “smart.” The combination of hardware and ICT in an application forms what is today called a “Cyber Physical System.”

Like “Technology: From CMOS to Smart Systems,” “ICT” for us is both core competence as well as cross-cutting business area. The ICT oriented R&D activities mainly address transmission and processing of information, with a specific focus on transmission systems for broadband data communication and services.

The institutes’ activities are covering the whole value chain from chip to system level including networks and systems for wide area communication, wireless broadband communication systems, wireless sensor networks, components and subsystems, and algorithms and software.

Our success is based on comprehensive competences for development and characterization of complete system solutions for communication systems and sensor networks. The institutes involved design, develop, and realize the necessary application specific electronic and photonic circuits and devices.

Examples of Technologies


Europe‘s first long-wave infrared superlattice camera

Fraunhofer IAF and AIM Infrarot-Module have developped a demonstrator for an infrared imager in the long-wave infrared (8 – 12 μm). It is the first camera of this kind in Europe and achieves an excellent thermal resolution of below 30 mK.



Wireless gigabit-class communication

Fraunhofer IPMS has developed an optical wireless communication link with up to 10 Gbit/s data rate. This can be used for docking solutions or to replace cable connections such as USB or Gigabit Ethernet.



New 360 degree OmniCam-360 with closed sphere and live stitching

The OmniCam-360 is a worldwide unique system for recording high-resolution video panoramas. For instance sport or musical events can be experienced in an Ultra High Definition panorama up to 360 degree. The latest development makes it possible to provide this UHD panoramic content for VR glasses. 


s-net® ‒ Multi-hop communication technology


High-speed Internet from the ceiling lamp

Visible Light Communication (VLC), also known as LiFi, is an attractive solution, especially in environment settings where radio communication encounters difficulties. The Fraunhofer HHI developed modern transmission techniques that enable data-rates up to 1,25 Gbit/s. LED-lamps, normally used for lighting purposes, simultaneously transmit data, even when mobile terminals are not aligned with the access point.


Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Communication Systems

World records in distance and data rate of radio transmissions: 6 Gbit/s over 37 km at 74 GHz as well as 35 Gbit/s over 1 km at 240 GHz.


Testing of the next-generation mobile wireless standard 5G

With market readiness slated for the year 2020, the technology supporting data rates of up to 10 Gbit/s will be much faster than the current LTE standard.


MEMS loudspeakers for mobile communication devices

In collaboration with partners from industry and science Fraunhofer ISIT is developing a new generation of miniaturized loudspeakers, which are fabricated using silicon technology. In contrast to conventional electrodynamic micro speakers the new chip speakers are based on powerful piezoelectric MEMS drives and feature high energy efficiency and extremely low fabrication tolerances.