Fraunhofer HHI receives an award for 3D Human Body Reconstruction


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Example for a 3D Human Body Reconstruction.

Around the world, volumetric video is considered the next important stage of development within media production. Volumetric video is currently developing into a key technology, particularly in the area of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). At Fraunhofer HHI, a technology is being developed to complement it: 3D Human Body Reconstruction (3DHBR). This is a process that allows a realistic image of a person to be integrated into a virtual world.

Using several cameras simultaneously, the technology captures images of real people and generates dynamic 3D models that exhibit natural movements and can be viewed in the virtual world from any number of angles. Post-processing modules allow for direct integration into standardized postproduction applications and virtual reality players for VR glasses. In contrast to conventional animation, facial expressions and the movement of clothing are captured visually and reconstructed using geometric details and texture quality. The entire processing procedure is fully automated and additional post-processing poses no problems.

Furthermore, an integrated multi-camera and lighting system has been developed for complete 360° image capturing of people. The system allows uniform illumination from every direction and flexible multi-camera arrangements. Avoiding green screens and allowing uniform illumination also provides the best possible conditions for subsequent illumination of the 3D models.

This year, the technology has already been presented with the AIS Technology Innovation Award 2018, a prize awarded for outstanding achievements in developing and producing moving-image content.