Industrial automation with radar sensors

August 19, 2019

© Fraunhofer IAF
The compact W-Band radar is capable of precisely measuring distance and speed, even if the objects are difficult to detect or are even obscured.

Within several projects, Fraunhofer IAF is developing compact and high-resolution radar solutions for industrial applications.

Sensor systems can be used to automate production and logistical processes. The radar sensors of Fraunhofer IAF operate within the frequency range of millimeter waves, which can penetrate plastics, cardboard, wood, and textiles, but also dust, smoke, and mist. Compared with optical sensors, they are therefore impervious to poor visibility conditions. Unlike X-ray based systems, radar sensors are harmless to health.

Fraunhofer IAF presented a radar system which checks the content and completeness of packaged goods at this year’s Hannover Messe trade fair. Radar sensors from Fraunhofer IAF are also deployed in the following projects:

RoKoRa: A radar system monitors workspaces in human-robot collaboration and adjusts the speed and direction of movement of the robots. This increases the safety and efficiency of the processes.

RAD-Energy: Radar sensors control strip sizes and process variables of hot rolling mills in the metal industry. This saves resources and energy.

InFaRo: Radar technology detects even the smallest material defects in rotor blades for wind turbines as early as during the production stage. This aids quality assurance and lowers production and operating costs.