Improved in-vehicle digital radio reception


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The Fraunhofer IIS DAB+ software library upgrade improves in-vehicle reception of digital radio.

Newer vehicles and electric cars are based on complex open- and closed-loop electronic control systems. These can interfere with digital radio reception, causing brief but repeated signal disruptions. With an upgrade to the established DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) software library from Fraunhofer IIS, the quality of digital radio reception will be significantly improved by efficient spur suppression technology. It moreover enhances the reception sensitivity of the radio receivers. In turn, this extends the range of coverage for broadcasters and increases the number of channels that can be received in vehicles. The software upgrade moreover includes the DAB+ Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF) that enables the radio receivers to automatically switch to emergency broadcasts – a simple, reliable and extremely quick way to alert the public to natural disasters and emergencies.