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The last word … comes from Natasha Walker

Natasha Walker is a communications consultant focusing on moderation in change processes. After studying language and literature at the University of Oxford, she started building up 20 years of international experience – since 2010, she has had her own company, NWA. She advises companies and SMEs, foundations, the European Commission, the UN, German federal ministries, and scientific facilities on complex processes of dialogue.

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Self-sufficient degasser for micro-dosing processes

Gases dissolved in liquids can cause serious problems in chemical or biotechnological processes: for example, changes in pressure or temperature can cause the gas in the liquid to outgas, resulting in tiny gas bubbles in the liquid. The scientists at Fraunhofer EMFT have developed a self-sufficient micro degasser, capable of removing gas bubbles and dissolved gas from liquids.

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Speech recognition for improved safety at sea

Communication problems in navigation are particularly dangerous: in more than 40 % of cases, they are the main cause of accidents; in more than 90 % of cases they are at least an aggravating factor. As a matter of fact, speech comprehension on board vessels, between ships, and between ships and control centers on land present a significant challenge: on the one hand due to the noise levels on board and the often low quality of voice transmission, and on the other due to the fact that crew members of ships, tugs, and marine traffic control are often of many different nationalities. Researchers at Fraunhofer IDMT now want to use acoustic signal processing and computer- based speech recognition to contribute to improved safety at sea.

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Moving images in a new dimension

The viewer can freely change his individual perspective of view and gets deeper into the events of the film – it is a high-definition, 360° panoramic video experience: the 360° video solution from Fraunhofer FOKUS allows the display of panoramic videos on HbbTV sets by generating the video image for a desired viewing angle based on the cloud.

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