• Dresden / 18.6.2018 - 22.6.2018

    ICIM 2018

    The International Conference on Inorganic Membranes (ICIM) is held every second year all over the world in rotation. This series of conferences has been established as a global high-level event on inorganic membranes and innovations. To encourage and promote research for membrane science, technology and application, the 15th ICIM in Dresden will provide a unique platform for scientists and engineers to discuss these issues and share their insights from various perspectives. The ICIM 2018 will be extended by a third session in which functional layers for batteries and fuel cells will be in the focus.

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  • San Francisco, USA / 24.6.2018 - 28.6.2018

    DAC 2018

    DAC is the premier conference devoted to the design and automation of electronic systems (EDA), embedded systems and software (ESS), and intellectual property (IP).

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  • Nürnberg / 26.6.2018 - 28.6.2018

    SENSOR + TEST 2018

    Die SENSOR+TEST ist das weltweit führende Forum für Sensorik, Mess- und Prüftechnik. 2017 präsentierten 569 Aussteller aus 29 Nationen eindrucksvoll das gesamte Spektrum der messtechnischen Systemkompetenz vom Sensor bis zur Auswertung. Die parallel zur Ausstellung stattfindenden Kongresse - die 19. ITG/GMA-Fachtagung Sensoren und Messsysteme 2018 und die ettc2018 European Test and Telemetry Conference - werden die Veranstaltung mit wissenschaftlichen Grundlagen und Ausblicken in die Zukunft der Branche bereichern.

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  • San Francisco, USA / 10.7.2018 - 12.7.2018


    SEMICON West is where the industry goes to keep up with developments in a world that is rapidly moving BEYOND SMART — and where it goes to find the information and resources it needs to keep the good times rolling.

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  • Remagen / 13.7.2018 - 20.7.2018

    10th International Summer School on Radar / SAR

    One of Europe’s most renowned radar institutes Fraunhofer FHR cordially invites you to join us for our 10th International Summer School on Radar / SAR in July 2018. We offer the unique opportunity to gain an in-depth education on radar and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) techniques by distinguished international lecturers.

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  • Siegen / 10.9.2018 - 13.9.2018

    CoSeRa Workshop 2018

    Welcome to the International Workshop on Compressed Sensing applied to Radar, Multimodal Sensing, and Imaging.

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  • Würzburg / 16.9.2018 - 21.9.2018

    IIT 2018

    The IIT 2018 is an open forum for discussion of major challenges in current and emerging technologies related to the tools and processes for ion implantation, annealing of semiconductors, and non-semiconductors, implanted devices, metrology of implanted layers and devices, as well as methods related to ion implantation.

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