The construction kit for smart system solutions


Microelectronics is a firm part of all aspects of our daily lives. Whether in cars, medical engineering, or consumer electronics, a wide variety of microelectronic system solutions are required for the various applications. The Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD) is a one-stop-shop that offers a wide range of R&D services for system solutions. These are constantly being further developed by more than 2000 scientists in 13 member institutes.

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Within the FMD, there are a variety of R&D activities for each individual component of a LiDAR system.

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In the field of LiDAR, FMD offers a wide range of research services for a variety of applications in the automotive and industrial sectors.

Technologies for the entire length of the value creation chain within micro- and nanoelectronics

With their broad technology portfolio, the scientists develop tailor-made system solutions. The R&D work at the member institutes covers the entire value chain of microelectronics and nanoelectronics.

This comprises:

• Design and design methods for systems and components

• Materials, processes, and devices as well as the integration of new material systems

• Heterointegration, i.e., the merging of different devices and elements

• Characterization, testing, and reliability

Technology platforms with different focal points

The value chains are considered in six thematic platforms. Here, the existing expertise that the institutes have on the topic in question is bundled. The customer benefits from having only one contact person in the business office, but access to the technologies and know-how of all 13 member institutes.

The content focuses within the technology offering are:

• Microwave and terahertz: leading-edge devices and circuitry for frequencies up to and including the THz range

• Power electronics: power-electronic devices and the integration thereof in modules and systems

• Extended CMOS: design and manufacture of CMOS circuitry as well as the integration thereof in systems

• Optoelectronic systems: data transmission (up to and including the Tbit/s range) from the transmitter to the receiver

• Sensor systems: design and manufacture of sensors as well as the integration, characterization, and testing thereof within systems

• MEMS actuators: design and manufacture as well as the characterization, testing, and system integration of MEMS actuators

Transfer into application-based concepts

The customer can choose expertise and technologies from these platforms; these are then transferred into application-based concepts. The focus is on the areas of transport and mobility, energy, digital life, health, digital industry, civilian security, and occupational safety.

LiDAR – tailor-made components for a wide range of applications

An example of an application in the field of transport and mobility is LiDAR, a method for distance and speed measurement. It is central to the development of systems for autonomous driving. For each individual component of a LiDAR system, there is a varied spectrum of R&D activities within the FMD. The scientists there are continuously advancing the laser sources, transmission optics, and beam guidance systems as well as receiving optics and detectors. In addition, various partners from industry contribute their knowledge and list their requirements for the system. The research knowhow can thus be tailored for the individual applications and the resulting system specifications.

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