The activities of the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics and the FMD are coordinated by the joint office in Berlin. Its staff is the contact for representatives from research, industry and politics as well as for the cooperation partners. The office team is also responsible for developing cross-technology and cross-institute R&D concepts, for acquiring and coordinating selected cross-institute projects, and for public relations.

Business Office

Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics /
Research Fab Microelectronics Germany

Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Str. 2

10178 Berlin


Dr. Stephan Guttowski

Managing Director


Claudia Freimann

Assistant to the Managing Director

National and Internation Cooperation


Dr. Michael Galetzka

Deputy Managing Director

National Cooperation


Dr. Patrick Bressler


International Cooperation

Technologies and Cooperations

Your contact for our cross-location cooperation along the entire micro and nanoelectronics value chain.


Dr. Andreas Grimm

Senior Manager
Compound Semiconductors


Dr. Konstanze Scheurer

EU Chips Act


Dr. Tim Rom

Senior Expert
Quantum Technologies



Dr. Michael Töpper

Senior Expert


Dr. Oliver Pyper

Senior Manager
Silicon Technologies


Dr. Frank Hochschulz

Senior Manager
Manufacturing Logistics & Process Digitalization



Resa Memarnia


Tugana Ceren Aslan

Environmental Assessment


Dr. Manuel Thesen

Senior Expert
Green ICT @ FMD


Daniela Hübler


Innovation and Start ups


Andreas Brüning

Senior Expert

Design Microelectronic Systems

Your contacts for project coordination.


Jörg Stephan

Senior Manager
R&D and Innovation


Tina Leyli

Project Manager

Our Communications Team

Your contact for internal and external communications as well as press relations.


Romy Zschiedrich

Head of Communications


Akvile Zaludaite

Senior Manager

Corporate Communications



Maximilian Kunze


Political Communications


Christina Förster

Web Editor

Online Communications


Carolin Steinert

Scientific Editor

Corporate Communications


Nadiia Telenchuk

Event Manager

Corporate Communications


Student Assistants

Shahin Amedi

Office Management


Aida Homayouni

Graphic Design and Communications

Sophia Rösiger

Office Management and Communications

Monica Ruge

Online Communications


Fabio Sciascia

Political Communications


Jasper Kreißl

Political Communications


Louisa Mahnke

Corporate Communications