ProSiebenSat.1 invests in Fraunhofer start-up

November 25, 2019

Thanks to Holodeck VR, virtual reality can be experienced together and in large spaces. Holodeck VR GmbH now does business under the new brand name SPREE Interactive.

In its Positioning & Networks division, Fraunhofer IIS develops wireless communications, positioning, and identification technologies for connected digital applications. Holodeck VR, a start-up whose technology has its roots in Fraunhofer IIS, has attracted a new investor in ProSiebenSat.1. The technology enables larger groups of people – wearing special headsets – to have VR experiences in spaces of up to 40,000 m².

The benefits of Holodeck VR’s technology include free, wireless movement, coverage of large spaces, reliable and precise positioning in virtual reality, real-time simulation of real scenarios, and interaction between users and the digital world. Virtual reality lets visitors experience theme parks, festivals, or public spaces such as shopping centers from a completely new perspective. Once the technology is installed in a large enough empty room, several thousand visitors can take part in this kind of virtual reality experience per day and installation. Thanks to the partnership with ProSieben-Sat.1, the start-up will now benefit from additional sales opportunities and new sales channels for placing its technology in theme and activity parks.