Specimen preparation with microPREP


© Fraunhofer IMWS

From left to right: Prof. Thomas Höche, Michael Krause, and Georg Schusser developed the specimen preparation device microPREP™ in close cooperation with 3D Micromac AG.

For accelerated materials development and  reliable quality control, industry is placing  its trust more and more in microstructure  diagnostic methods. The required preparation  processes, however, have at some  points been inflexible, slow, and expensive.  With microPREP™ , jointly developed by  Fraunhofer IMWS and 3D-Micromac AG,  these workflows are considerably accelerated  and made reproducible.

This system, which received the TÜV SÜD  Innovation Award 2018, offers a high level  of process stability and an intuitive user interface.  The ultra-short pulse laser technology  used allows for “athermal” preparation  of specimens: pulse lengths in the picosecond  range are used to shape the specimens  appropriately, hardly heating them in the  process. The modular system is suitable for  the preparation of semiconductors, metals,  ceramics, glass, and composite materials  and is ready to be used for a multitude of  preparation workflows.