Camera pill for gastroscopy

May 21, 2020

Together with Ovesco Endoscopy AG and SENSODRIVE GmbH, Fraunhofer IZM is deve-loping a camera pill for minimally invasive stomach examinations.

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The camera pill makes gastroscopy easier for both medical staff and patients.

Pain in the upper abdomen, swallowing disorders, chronic coughing, vomiting or weight loss - the thought of a gastroscopy literally causes many patients stomach pain. The method of tube endoscopy, which has been established up to now and is performed daily, is not only unpleasant - it can also only be performed by specially trained personnel at a special infrastructure. The disadvantage for those who suffer: often long waiting times.

Within the framework of the "nuEndo" project, a completely wireless system is therefore being developed: The person to be examined swallows a camera pill which arrives in the stomach within 20 s and from there transmits images in real time while being magnetically controlled from outside. This procedure significantly reduces the level of suffering and enables general practitioners to operate the mobile system without special training. This enables faster diagnoses and uncomplicated monitoring of the course of therapy.

The nuEndo project runs until 2022 and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Fraunhofer IZM is responsible for the miniaturization of the capsule within the project.