The last word … goes to Christian Lüdemann from the Fraunhofer PR-network


After almost 18 years, Christian Lüdemann (Communications Director) is moving to Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft headquarters in order to concentrate fully on the Fraunhofer PR-network.

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Christian Lüdemann.

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Cape Agulhas, the most southerly point in Africa.

Mr. Lüdemann, what will you take with you into the future when you think back on your time with the Group?

I am very grateful for a team that handles both big and small issues with happiness, respect, responsibility, and plenty of humor while also getting some important things off the ground.

Which of the projects that are being worked on by your colleagues in a Fraunhofer institute interests you in particular?

I always find it fascinating when very diverse people from different disciplines sit down at the table together, develop ideas, and then implement them in very different ways. It is the diversity of approaches and capabilities that I like.

What invention would you not like to do without in daily life?

From a practical point of view: the dishwasher – every family’s savior! But from a personal point of view: the radio. Since my childhood it has been like a movie theater in my head.

What do you wish you had more time for?

It might be hard to believe, but I am actually happy with the way I divide my time.

Let’s look into the future. What would you like to have achieved in five or ten years’ time?

I’m no spring chicken and, in ten years, I’ll probably be busy with retirement! Before then, however, I hope to continue to have some good ideas at work. I would like to experience a lot with my family and I hope to stay relatively physically fit.

What song belongs to the “soundtrack” of your life?

“Cantaloupe Island” by Herbie Hancock and everything by Steely Dan.

What was the last book you read?

Befuddlement by Christoph Hein: a journey through time in the GDR (Catholic childhood, career, homosexuality, the fall of the Berlin Wall...).

Can you tell us what motto you live by?

Don't make a mess of things!

Lastly, the entire editorial team of Microelectronics News would like to thank you and wish you all the best. Now you literally have space for a “last word.”

I look forward to seeing my microelectronics colleagues again when working on various projects, and to initiating something new together once again.


About Christian Lüdemann:

Born in 1962, grew up in the Berlin borough of Pankow when it was still in East Germany. 1986: Moved from East to West Berlin. University, worked as a taxi driver etc. After obtaining his degree, worked in PR for a hospital project developer. Joined Fraunhofer in 2000. Married, two adult sons. “I left the GDR because I wanted to see the world. I did that, and I still get great pleasure out of traveling with my wife.”